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Canadian Living by the Sword – Eye-Ai, 2008/3

Authored by Jonathon Walsh.
The 30+ year-old Eye-Ai magazine focuses on Japanese culture and entertainement.

Several technical mistakes were inadvertently inserted by the Editor, mainly in the photo captions.

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Canadian Living by the Sword – Hiragana Times, 2008/2

Authored by Jonathon Walsh.
The Hiragana Times is a great bilangual magazine for students of the Japanese and the English languages.

Several technical mistakes were inadvertently inserted by the Editor.

Scanned Article | Electronic Version

Cutting Art: Introduction to the Japanese Sword and its world – Kansai Time Out magazine, 2007/9

Authored by Pierre Nadeau and published in the September 2007 issue as a 900 word article in the Kansai Time Out, a magazine for English speakers published in Western Japan.

Several technical mistakes were inadvertently inserted by the Editor, such as the remaining time on Pierre’s apprenticeship or other technical details.

Scanned Article

On the Web

Happy New Year and a Real Treat – Gaijinto, 2011/1

“Pierre Nadeau is an incredible Canadian who is probably the only westerner swordsmith apprentice in Japan at this time…”

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A Foreign Sword Maker In Japan –, 2009/7

Chris Rowthorn, the Editor in Chief of the Lonely Planet Japan travel guidebook visits Pierre at the forge in Shimizu.

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Video and Other

Québec TV – Terres d’échanges, 2010/2

A production team mandated by the Canadian province of Québec’s national TV channel, Télé-Québec, visits Pierre for a documentary to be aired at the beginning of 2010

An interesting project elaborated by director Mélanie Dion. Each week presents a Québécois living in a foreign country, and a National from that country living in Québec, their lives, exchanges, experience.

Production Photos

Daily Planet – The Discovery Channel, 2006/10

Brief appearance on the canadian version of the Discovery Channel short documentaries series in October 2006.

The Discovery Channel has shown a sustained interest in the field of the Japanese Sword with several related show. They took the opportunity during Pierre’s passage through Toronto for an event in 2006 to film a short interview.